Planet in Peril on CNN

A lot of people have the misconception that librarians are all about books…only books, all the time. Not true…as a librarian, I am all about information…books are just one way to get information to the masses…and in the case of new fiction, one of the only ways (unless you want to throw in electronic reading devices, but that’s another topic).

Today, I’d like to mention the environment…specifically, the in-depth reporting that CNN’s Anderson Cooper is doing in the series Planet In Peril, airing this weekend on CNN, check your local listings. I encourage anybody who reads, eats, breathes or lives on this planet to visit the companion website, watch the special report, and contemplate the consequences the current environmental crisis will have on not just future generations, but the next few years of this one.

Planet in Peril: Battle Lines will run Saturday and Sunday night, 8pm-10pm EST on CNN.

2 thoughts on “Planet in Peril on CNN

  1. I must say I agree with you’re perspective of the real meaning of being a librarian and using the resources around you to experience the different things we have going on around us in the world. As a young school student blogger the internet is helping me learn so many new things that I would never had been familiar with if it wasn’t for you, which is why I’m glad I stumbled upon your page.

    Sadly, I didn’t not get the change to watch the report on CNN, but I did visit the page and watch the behind the scenes video. Beautiful creatures that wander our Earth will soon be extincted if we continue on this path of cruelty. Everyone has grown up with animals their whole lives whether it was with the household pet or the animal you loved when you saw it in the picture book at such a youthful age. Gorgeous Mountain Gorillas are a privilege to see where I come from since we have none in my state. Then there are other times where you must lay your eyes on a heartrending scene of an elephant shot down. Unfortunately, we must take the good with the bad. Thank you, your post and that video have taught me so much. I’ve never known of any type of contagious monkey pox.

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