CA Wins NYSERDA Windmill Grant

From the CCSD Home Page:

“The Canandaigua City School District has won a $752,400 grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to fully fund installation of a 50 kW wind generator to provide electrical energy at Canandaigua Academy. District consultants estimate the wind generator has the potential to replace 292,000 kilowatt hours of Canandaigua Academy’s annual energy consumption, yielding an anticipated cost avoidance of $28,235 per year over the unit’s 30-year design life. Preliminary NYSERDA estimates are even higher, $32,210 annually. The installation will also serve as a unique educational model for District students.

“This is very exciting news for the Academy and the school district,” says Superintendent of Schools Don Raw. “Not only will taxpayers benefit from a cost reduction utilizing alternative energy sources, but students will be able to study the machine directly and analyze data regarding energy produced and energy used. The ‘windmill’ will also be a daily reminder of our school district’s commitment to renewable energy and the importance of alternative energy in our country’s economic and political dialogue.”

Approved project details include:

  • Installation of a wind generator rated 50kW, 480V, 3-phase, 4-pole, 60 Hz.
  • Installation of an appropriate feeder circuit from the wind generator to the Academy’s main power distribution switchboard, connected through a new switchboard circuit breaker.
  • Installation of a demonstration kiosk in the Academy to display energy produced by the generator for student, faculty, and visitor use.
  • Creation of a public access website, linked to the school district’s site, displaying the same information as at the demonstration kiosk.

Engineering details, final product design, and placement at the Academy site are still to be determined. “We will work with the Canandaigua community and neighborhood residents to make certain that this is a project to be proud of,” says Superintendent Raw. No timeline for bid procedures or construction has yet been established.

The project is one of just 24 approved for public K-12 schools statewide through a competitive process governed by NYSERDA. 87 projects (out of 427 submissions) were approved, totaling approximately $24 million. Funds for these projects are from the federal American Recovery & Reinvestment Act”

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