New Books @ CA Library

I was mega-stoked to get back to school this year to get my hands on some of the books I was able to order over the summer. The new book shelves are packed with some really great titles!!!

There are several ways to check out what’s new in the collection —

Check the catalog — All new books automatically get the call number NEW, so if you search the catalog, try the Enhanced Search. Then select ‘Local call number’ from the drop-down menu, and type NEW. Or, you can click here: New Books! 🙂

Try LibraryThing — One of the new things we’re trying out this year is LibraryThing, a social application that lets anybody maintain a catalog of their books — including CA Library! Try it out…membership is free (for up to 200 books). After you sign up, you can start to build your own collection, browse and write book reviews, and see what other people recommend. If you want to see the CA Library collection, our member name is calibrary1.

Stop by the library — We’re open most periods this week, so visit us when you get a chance. Study halls, lunch, after school…it’s all good!

All this week on the blog, I’ll be highlighting some of the new additions to the collection. Stay tuned!

CA Library at LibraryThing!

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