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All Songs Considered from NPR

New Music From The Polyphonic Spree, Jon Hopkins, More (Tuesday, May 07, 2013) — This week, All Songs Considered goes big with massive, heart-thumping new music from the gloriously exuberant, sprawling pop group, and the brilliantly experimental folk-rock band . We also check out a gritty album from a Swedish group known as Goat. The band’s music is part prog-rock, part Afro-pop and undeniably awesome. Also on the show: New solo music from former singer; electronic music genius , and the deep-bass grooves of, a band with a song inspired by the surreal imagery of David Lynch’s 1997 film Lost Highway.

Book Reviews from The New York Times

Book Review Podcast: The Origins of World War I and More (Friday, May 10, 2013) — This week, Harold Evans discusses two new books about the events leading up to World War I; Julie Bosman has notes from the field; Pamela Paul talks about the spring children’s books section; and Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Pamela Paul is the host.

Books Podcast from NPR

NPR: 05-09-2013 Books (Thursday, May 09, 2013) — Stories:  1) From A Debut Writer, A Polished, Passionate, Must-Read Book 2) With Gorgeous Dorms But Little Cash, Colleges Must Adapt 3) Please Don’t Delete This Interview About Spam 4) Godwin’s ‘Flora’: A Tale Of Remorse That Creeps Under Your Skin 5) Paul Rudnick On His ‘Gorgeous’ Adventure

Brain Stuff from HowStuffWorks.com

What would happen on a carousel moving at the speed of light? (Friday, May 10, 2013) — If you could spin a carousel fast enough, would time stand still for the people on the carousel? Theoretically, it’s a reasonable assumption. Join Marshall Brain as he breaks down the speed of light and time in this podcast from HowStuffWorks.com.

What is a fossil? (Wednesday, May 08, 2013) — Fossils provide us with an important picture of ancient life. But how is a fossil created, exactly? Marshall Brain breaks down the various natural processes behind fossilization in this episode.

What is leather and where does it come from? (Monday, May 06, 2013) — Most leather is made from processed cattle skin, although synthetic and other varieties exist. Learn more about leather in this episode of BrainStuff.

The Coolest Stuff on the Planet

Romantic Road Trips: Cumberland Island, Georgia (Friday, May 10, 2013) — Cumberland Island is about the size of Manhattan but has hardly any residents. How did it manage to retain its natural beauty? How did the wild horses get there? What is its connection to the family of Thomas Carnegie and to John F. Kennedy, Jr.?

Culturetopia from NPR

Iron Man And Giving Up (Friday, May 10, 2013) — This week on Pop Culture Happy Hour, NPR Monkey See’s Linda Holmes, Stephen Thompson, Glen Weldon and special guest Matt Thompson talk about ‘Iron Man 3,’ directed by Shane Black and starring Robert Downey, Jr. They’ll discuss why the latest installment of the superhero series is about much more than a man and his gadgets. Also, why it surprised the panelists by passing the Bechdel test and featuring minimal robot vs. robot action. Next, they’ll discuss pop culture they gave up on, including ‘Game of Thrones,’ ‘American Idol’ and ‘Breaking Bad.’ All that, plus What’s Making Us Happy This Week.

Film Junk

Episode 416: Iron Man 3 (Wednesday, May 08, 2013) — We suit up for Iron Man 3 and discuss the Ender’s Game trailer, plus the death of Ray Harryhausen, Paycheck, Airheads, The Limey, Oceans and The Butterfly Effect.

Freakonomics Radio

What Do Medieval Nuns and Bo Jackson Have in Common? (Thursday, May 09, 2013) — A look at whether spite pays — and if it even exists.

Ink & Quill

InQ Episode 70: “A Discovery of Witches” (Tuesday, April 16, 2013) — All her life, Diana has stuck her fingers way deep into her ears, refusing to accept that she is a witch, and a powerful one of those. But the situation has changed. The discovery of a thought to be lost book is raising interest. On the one hand, there is Peter Knox, a powerful wizard that belongs to one of the oldest group of “peace-keepers” across species, who would love nothing more than to put his hands on the book. And on the other hand, Matthew de Clairmont, the vampire, whose charms Diana can’t resist… But what is it exactly that Matthew wants? As the plot thickens and mystery unveils more mysteries, Diana may be forced to start using her powers if she wishes not only to find out what happened to her parents and what secrets Ashmore 782 holds, but also and simply, to stay alive.

PopStuff from HowStuffWorks.com

Greatest Hits: Robots in Pop Culture (Wednesday, May 08, 2013) — From Rosie to Bender and far beyond, robots have been a part of the media we consume for decades. Tracy and Holly talk about R2D2, Wall-E, Terminators and a host of other mechanical pals, trying to figure out why we love them so.

Greatest Hits: PopStuff Doesn’t Believe the Hype (Monday, May 06, 2013) — Marketers often depend on hype to foster interest in a product, but sometimes, the hype machine backfires. Tracy and Holly talk about the hype cycle and hash out how it applies to tech, movies, music and other consumables.”

Science Talk

Is There a Doctor in the Spaceship? (Tuesday, April 30, 2013) — NASA astronaut and medical doctor Michael Barratt spoke to schoolkids at the Family Science Days event at this year’s meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Boston.

Sound Opinions

Sound Opinions with Tame Impala (Thursday, May 09, 2013) — Break out your paisley shirt: psychedelic rockers Tame Impala are live in the studio! Kevin Parker and co. perform tracks from their latest album Lonerism. And later, Jim and Greg review the debut album from buzzed-about post-punk band, Savages.

Stuff To Blow Your Mind from HowStuffWorks.com

From Nose to Tail: The Colon (Thursday, May 09, 2013) — Finally, everything comes out in the end – which is to say it comes out of the end. Robert and Julie finish up their digestive journey with discussions of colon science, nutrient enemas, prison wallets and other astounding things.

From Nose to Tail: Into the Intestines (Tuesday, May 07, 2013) — In this episode of Stuff to Blow Your Mind, Robert and Julie continue to follow the journey of a haggis through the digestive system of man. Listen in as the small intestines absorb all sorts of vital nutrients from your liquefied food.

Stuff You Missed in History Class from HowStuffWorks.com

Here, Kitty Kitty: The Domestication of the Cat (Wednesday, May 08, 2013) — The human culture shift to an agricultural lifestyle started the domestication of animals. Cats naturally moved in to help with rodents. Today, there are 600 million cats living with humans, and another estimated 600 million living independent of people.

The Hindenburg Disaster (Monday, May 06, 2013) — The Hindenburg tragedy is one of the world’s most infamous air disasters, but the dirigible had many successful flights prior to its final voyage, including 10 round trips between Germany and the U.S. Tune in to learn more.

Stuff You Should Know from HowStuffWorks.com

How Foot Binding Worked (Thursday, May 09, 2013) — Once in a while, all the necessary factors converge to produce a peculiar nationalized sexual fetish. In China, that fetish was foot binding and over a millennia three billion Chinese women’s feet were brutally disfigured for men’s pleasure.

How Fair Trade Works (Tuesday, May 07, 2013) — The West has gotten rich off the backs of underpaid labor living elsewhere; people who are dedicated to Fair Trade feel it’s time people at a disadvantage should stop being exploited. The concept is simple – just pay workers fairly for their labor.

WNYC’s Radiolab

23 Weeks 6 Days (Tuesday, April 30, 2013) — When Kelley Benham and her husband Tom French finally got pregnant, after many attempts and a good deal of technological help, everything was perfect. Until it wasn’t. Their story raises questions that, until recently, no parent had to face… and that are still nearly impossible to answer.

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