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I’ll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson — A story of first love, family, loss, and betrayal told from different points in time, and in separate voices, by artists Jude and her twin brother Noah.

“Readers are meant to feel big things, and they will — Nelson’s novel brims with emotion (grief, longing, and love in particular) as Noah, Jude, and the broken individuals in their lives find ways to heal” (Publishers Weekly). 

Road Rash by Mark Huntley Parsons — After being dropped from one band, sixteen-year-old drummer Zach gets a chance to go on tour with a much better band. It feels like sweet redemption, but this is one rocky road trip — filled with jealousy, rivalries, and on-stage meltdowns.

“A road-trip adventure in romance and friendship that is ultimately all about the music” (Kirkus Reviews). 

The Scar Boys by Len Vlahos — A severely burned teenager. A guitar. Punk rock. The chords of a rock ‘n’ roll road trip in a coming-of-age novel that is a must-read story about finding your place in the world . . . even if you carry scars inside and out. Also available as an Audiobook

“If Brent Runyon’s The Burn Journals and Stephen Chbosky’s The Perks of Being a Wallflower could be melded into a single work, it might be this one. Distinguished in every way” (School Library Journal). 

The Story of Owen: Dragon Slayer of Trondheim by E.K. Johnston — In an alternate world where industrialization has caused many species of carbon-eating dragons to thrive, Owen, a slayer being trained by his famous father and aunt, and Siobahn, his bard, face a dragon infestation near their small town in Canada.

“An interesting commentary on the perils of carbon emissions, action, interesting twists on history, and themes of friendship, family, loyalty, and sacrifice will keep readers turning pages” (Library Media Connection). 

Tease by Amanda Maciel — Provocative, unforgettable, and inspired by real-life incidents, Amanda Maciel’s highly acclaimed debut novel Tease is the story of a teenage girl who faces criminal charges for bullying after a classmate commits suicide. Also available as an Audiobook

“This nuanced look at a controversial topic will keep readers hooked until its satisfying conclusion” (School Library Journal).

A Time To Dance by Padma Venkatraman — Venkatraman’s inspiring story of a young girl’s struggle to regain her passion and find a new peace is told lyrically through verse that captures the beauty and mystery of India and the ancient bharatanatyam dance form. Also available as an Audiobook

“A beautiful integration of art, religion, compassion and connection” (Kirkus Reviews). 

The Tyrant’s Daughter by J.C. Carleson — Exiled to the United States after her father, a Middle Eastern dictator, is killed in a coup, fifteen-year-old Laila must cope with a completely new way of life, the truth of her father’s regime, and her mother and brother’s ways of adjusting. Also available as an Audiobook

“This is more than just Laila’s story; it is a story of context, beautifully written (by a former undercover CIA agent), and stirring in its questions and eloquent observations about our society and that of the Middle East” (School Library Journal). 

The Unfinished Life of Addison Stone by Adele Griffin — When a celebrated New York City teenager, known for her subversive street art, mysteriously dies, her life is examined in a series of interviews with her parents, friends, boyfriends, mentors, and critics. Also available as an Audiobook

“A terrific experiment, something fresh and hard to put down. It gives a sense of both the artistic temperament and the nature of madness—and the sometimes thin line in between” (Booklist). 

The Vigilante Poets of Selwyn Academy by Kate Hattemer — Witty, sarcastic Ethan and his three best friends are students at Selwyn Arts Academy, which has been hijacked by For Art’s Sake, a sleazy reality-television show. In secret, the foursome writes and distributes a long poem in protest. But the forces behind the show are craftier than they seem, and the web of betrayal stretches farther than Ethan could have ever imagined.

“Relying on the passion and ideals that drive adolescence, this has a vibrancy and authenticity that will resonate with anyone who has fought for their beliefs — or who has loved a hamster (you’ll see)” (Booklist). 

The Young Elites (Book 1) by Marie Lu — From the bestselling author of the Legend series comes an exciting new fantasy trilogy. Adelina Amouteru survived the blood fever, a deadly illness that killed many, but left others with strange markings and supernatural powers. Cast out by her family, Adelina joins the secret society of the Young Elites and discovers her own dangerous abilities. Also available as an Audiobook

“In a gorgeously constructed world that somewhat resembles Renaissance Italy but with its own pantheon, geography and fauna, the multiethnic and multisexual Young Elites offer a cinematically perfect ensemble of gorgeous-but-unusual illusionists, animal speakers, fire summoners and wind callers” (Kirkus Reviews). 

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Beach Cute by Beth Reekles — From the author of the hit Kissing Booth series comes another sizzling story following three very different girls on summer vacation! Equal parts romance and humor, this is the perfect beach read for your next getaway. Also available as an eBook

“With a lot of humor, as well as romance, regret and friendship, this beach read coupled with a coming-of-age story will appeal to readers of many genres” (School Library Journal).

The Boys in the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics by Daniel James Brown — Out of the depths of the Depression comes an irresistible story about beating the odds and finding hope in the most desperate of times. This is the improbable, intimate account of how nine working-class boys from the American West showed the world at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin what true grit really meant. Also available as an eBook

The Boys in the Boat (Young Readers Adaptation): The True Story of an American Team’s Epic Journey to Win Gold at the 1936 Olympics by Daniel James Brown — Adapted from the best-selling adult title.

“Those who enjoy reading about Olympic history or amateur or collegiate sports will savor Brown’s superb book” (Library Journal). 

Brave New Words: How AI Will Revolutionize Education (and Why That’s a Good Thing) by Salman Khan — Khan, the visionary behind Khan Academy, explores how artificial intelligence and GPT technology will transform learning, and offers a road map for teachers, parents, and students to navigate this exciting (and sometimes intimidating) new world. Also available as an eBook

“Khan provides a wealth of advice on connecting AI to education, and he writes with clarity, expertise, and optimism” (Kirkus Reviews). 

If Only I Had Told Her by Laura Nowlin — An intensely emotional and gripping companion novel to Nowlin’s bestseller If He Had Been With Me about the love that both breaks and heals us. Perfect for fans of Colleen Hoover and Jenny Han. Also available as an eBook

“Nowlin is unafraid to explore the gritty sides of sadness, grief, regret, and mental health struggles, resulting in a deeply affecting and worthwhile novel . . . a full-tissue-box read” (Booklist). 

Not If I See You First by Eric Lindstrom — In the tradition of Gayle Forman and John Green comes this extraordinary YA debut about a blind teen girl navigating life and love in high school. Blind sixteen-year-old Parker Grant navigates friendships and romantic relationships, including a run-in with a boy who previously broke her heart, while coping with her father’s recent death.

“Lindstrom’s debut . . . possesses crackling wit, intense teen drama, and a lively pace that pulls readers in” (Booklist). 

Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt — The two-time Newbery Honor winner Schmidt delivers the shattering story of Joseph, a father at thirteen, who has never seen his daughter, Jupiter. After spending time in a juvenile facility, he’s placed with a foster family on a farm in rural Maine. Also available as an eBook

“A powerful story about second chances, all the more devastating because not everyone gets one” (Publishers Weekly). 

Outrun The Moon by Stacey Lee — From the author of the critically acclaimed Under a Painted Sky comes an unforgettable story of determination set against a backdrop of devastating tragedy. On the eve of the San Fransisco Earthquake of 1906, Mercy Wong — daughter of Chinese immigrants — is struggling to hold her own among the spoiled heiresses at prestigious St. Clare’s School. When tragedy strikes, everyone must band together to survive. Also available as an eBook

“Propelled by a feisty and fabulous heroine, Lee’s sophomore novel is powerful, evocative, and thought-provoking” (Kirkus Reviews). 

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain — Explores the role introverts play in a world that is geared towards those who enjoy communicating with others and offers practical suggestions at how introverts can make sure their message is heard. Also available as an eBook

Quiet Power: The Secret Strengths of Introverts For Kids and Teens by Susan Cain, with Gregory Mone and Erica Moroz — Adapted from the best-selling adult title.

“An intriguing and potentially life-altering examination of the human psyche that is sure to benefit both introverts and extroverts alike” (Kirkus Reviews). 

Under A Painted Sky by Stacey Lee — Lee’s debut novel is a powerful story about love, friendship, and sacrifice. In 1845, Sammy, a Chinese American girl, and Annamae, an African American slave girl, disguise themselves as boys and travel on the Oregon Trail to California from Missouri. Also available as an eBook

“Lee packs the plot with plenty of peril and Wild West excitement, and Sammy’s fixation on fate, luck, and the Chinese zodiac adds a unique flavor. A great fit for fans of historical adventure with a touch of romance” (Booklist). 

Walk On Earth A Stranger (Gold Seer Trilogy, Book 1) by Rae Carson — Lee Westfall, a young woman with the magical ability to sense the presence of gold, must flee her home to avoid people who would abuse her powers, so when her best friend Jefferson heads out across Gold Rush-era America to stake his claim, she disguises herself as a boy and sets out on her own dangerous journey. Also available as an eBook

“Leah rightfully takes center stage as a smart, resourceful, determined, and realistic heroine who embodies the age-old philosophy that it isn’t what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters” (Publisher Weekly). 

5-Star Book Reviews: LGBTQ+ Fiction

15 LGBTQ Books From Preschool To High SchoolJune is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Pride Month (LGBTQ+ Pride Month) — celebrated annually to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots, a series of demonstrations by members of the gay community in response to violent police raids during the summer of 1969 at the Stonewall Inn in Manhattan, New York City. The riots are considered to be one of the most important events leading to the gay liberation movement and the twentieth century fight for LGBTQ+ rights in the United States.

Pride Month works to achieve equal justice and equal opportunity for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning Americans. Check out these great books that represent the broad spectrum of LGBTQ+ voices in YA literature, and follow the links for each book to learn more from the CA Library catalog!

If an eBook and/or audiobook is available, links are also provided (Sora login is required). You can also explore our LGBTQ+ Pride Month collection in Sora, eBooks and audiobooks available for in Sora Digital Reading app!

All the dead lie down All The Dead Lie Down by Kyrie McCauley — Newly orphaned seventeen-year old Marin accepts a nanny position for an acclaimed horror writer and her mother’s childhood friend, but she soon realizes all is not well at Lovelace House and must unravel its secrets before they consume her.

“A rich, disquieting novel for fans of horror, fairy tales, and good storytelling” (Booklist). 

cover_imageAriel Crashes A Train by Olivia A. Cole — Ariel grapples with her fear of her own mind and violent fantasies, driven by her desire to meet her parents’ expectations and societal norms, until a summer job at a carnival leads her to new friends who help her discover her struggle with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and find acceptance and support for her true self. Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook

“A revelatory, razor-sharp, and powerfully honest depiction of the reality of living with OCD” (Kirkus Reviews).

cover_imageThe Breakup Lists by Adib Khorram — High school junior Jackson Ghasnavi, stage manager for his school’s theater, has to face his complicated feelings about love when he catches himself falling for the same guy as his sister. Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook

“The carefully constructed plot, empathetic and fully realized characters, and sensitive treatment of Jackson’s hearing impairment make this one of the year’s finer novels” (Booklist). 

Charming young man Charming Young Man by Eliot Schrefer — They say Léon Delafosse will be France’s next great pianist. But despite his being the youngest student ever accepted into the prestigious Paris Conservatory, there’s no way an impoverished musician can make his way in 1890s Paris without an outside patron.

“An enjoyable and easy-to-read coming-of-age story set in the past but relevant to the present” (School Library Journal). 

Emmett Emmett by L.C. Rosen — Playing matchmaker for his friends at Highbury Academy, handsome, clever and rich Emmett tries to find his occasional friend-with-benefits the perfect match, but instead learns that gifted as he may be, he has no idea what he’s doing when it comes to love. Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook

“This contemporary update of Jane Austen’s Emma is a smoothly written and highly readable . . . there is not a false note in this expert effort, and Emmett is a character to treasure” (Booklist). 

Godly heathens : a novel Godly Heathens by H.E. Edgmon — Nonbinary Seminole teen Gem Echols is rescued by a strange new girl who reveals they are reincarnated gods who’ve known and loved each other across lifetimes — and who have made enemies, including the Goddess of Death. Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook

“Edgmon thoughtfully explores issues of agency, identity, and mental illness via an inventive mythology and a high-stakes, action-packed plot” (Publishers Weekly). 

Imogen, obviously Imogen, Obviously by Becky Albertalli — Pretending to be her queer best friend Lili’s former girlfriend, heterosexual Imogen Scott spends a lot of time with Lili’s friend Tessa and starts to wonder if her truth was ever all that straight to begin with. Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook

“Imogen’s journey feels authentic and sincere, and readers will find it difficult not to fall for her” (Kirkus Reviews). 

The meadows The Meadows by Stephanie Oakes — Eleanor believed acceptance to the Meadows would better her life, but the seemingly perfect institution hides a dark agenda, and after her graduation, Eleanor grapples with her experience as she uncovers the fate of her lost love, Rose. Get the Audiobook

“An intelligent dystopian tale that proves a biting interpretation of contemporary issues surrounding conversion therapy, homophobia, misogyny, and racism” (Publishers Weekly). 

cover_imageThe No-Girlfriend Rule by Christen Randall — When her boyfriend excludes her from participating in a role-playing game, high school senior Hollie joins an all-girls group where an in-game romance has the potential to be more than just pretend.

“Randall navigates serious topics such as mental health and toxic masculinity alongside joyful themes surrounding self-realization and cultivating genuine camaraderie and affirming safe spaces” (Publishers Weekly). 

The queer girl is going to be okay The Queer Girl Is Going To Be Okay by Dale Walls — Making a documentary about queer love that will hopefully win her a scholarship to film school, Dawn is determined to reach her goal, no matter what it takes. Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook

“Walls has created an enveloping, affirming world and a story that moves at a steady clip, thanks to their witty dialogue interspersed with text messages, emotional gut punches, and profound truths” (Booklist). 

The spirit bares its teeth The Spirit Bares It’s Teeth by Andrew Joseph White — Set in an alternate Victorian England where mediums control the dead, sixteen-year-old autistic transgender boy Silas must expose a power-hungry secret society while confined to a cruel finishing school designed to turn him into the perfect wife. Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook

“White crafts an unsettlingly horrific tale that boasts a rich and fully realized world, propelled by a champion of a protagonist whose determination to fight for his right to survive is both uplifting and empowering” (Publishers Weekly). 

Transmogrify! : 14 fantastical tales of trans magic Transmogrify! : 14 Fantastical Tales of Trans Magic, edited by G. Haron Davis — Transness is as varied and colorful as magic can be. In Transmogrify!, you’ll embark on fourteen different adventures alongside unforgettable characters who embody many different genders and expressions and experiences — because magic is for everyone, and that is cause for celebration.

“In this fantasy anthology featuring entries by a broad range of trans authors, transgender teens discover strength, truth, and magic in themselves as they fight oppressive societal expectations and define their own destinies” (Kirkus Reviews). 

The wicked bargain The Wicked Bargain by Gabe Cole Novoa — Sixteen-year-old Mar, a transmasculine Latinx pirate hiding magical abilities, must learn to use their magic to save their papá and newfound pirate family from losing their souls to El Diablo. Get the Audiobook

“Novoa imbues this moving exploration of historical transmasculinity and riveting examination of Spanish colonization with riotously good fun, making this an ideal read for audiences seeking a mix of knowledge and thrilling adventure” (Publishers Weekly). 

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