Cozy YA Mysteries!

The latest episode of the Hey YA! podcast, co-hosted by Erica Ezeifedi and Tirzah Price at Epic Reads, is all about cozy mysteries! We featured some great mysteries in an earlier post — 5-Star Book Reviews: Mysteries — and it’s great to see some more titles to add to the mystery TBR pile.

Some are available at CA Library — those are linked below, along with eBook and audiobook copies in Sora if available. Others are available in the OWWL public library system; you can request these titles from CA Library, too — stop by the library front desk to learn more!

Available at CA Library:

A Spy in the House by Y.S. Lee — Rescued from the gallows in 1850s London, young orphan and thief Mary Quinn is offered a place at Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls where she is trained to be part of an all-female investigative unit called The Agency and, at age seventeen, she infiltrates a rich merchant’s home in hopes of tracing his missing cargo ships. “V for vivid Victoriana” (Booklist). Get the eBook

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes — When a Connecticut teenager inherits vast wealth and an eccentric estate from the richest man in Texas, she must also live with his surviving family and solve a series of puzzles to discover how she earned her inheritance. “A well-characterized mystery that’s packed to the brim with twists and tricks” (Booklist). Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook

Pride and Premeditation by Tirzah Price — A retelling of Pride and Prejudice that reimagines the iconic settings, characters, and romances in a thrilling and high-stakes whodunit. When a scandalous murder shocks London high society, seventeen-year-old aspiring lawyer Lizzie Bennet seizes the opportunity to prove herself, despite the interference of Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy, the stern young heir to the prestigious firm Pemberley Associates. “a clever, twisting murder mystery adaptation that will keep both Austen fans and newcomers on their toes” (School Library Journal). Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook

Available in the OWWL Public Library system:

The Apothecary Diaries by Natsu Hyuuga and Nekokurage — After breaking a “curse” on the imperial heirs, a palace servant with training in herbal medicine is promoted up the ranks to food taster…and right into the thick of palace intrigue in this lushly illustrated period mystery series!

Duels & Deception by Cindy Anstey — In 1800s London, a young heiress and her lawyer are caught up in a kidnapping plot to steal her fortune, but as their investigation delves deeper and their affections for each other grow, Lydia starts to wonder what she truly wants. “A fun love story with a twist of mystery” (School Library Journal).

The Marvelous by Claire Kann — Six teens locked together in a mansion contend for a life-changing cash prize in a competition run by a reclusive heiress in this “mixture of Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One and Jennifer Lynn Barnes’s The Inheritance Games” (School Library Journal).

Goldie Vance by Hope Larson, illustrated by Brittney Williams — Sixteen-year-old Marigold “Goldie” Vance has an insatiable curiosity. She lives at a Florida resort with her dad, who manages the place, and it’s her dream to one day become the hotel’s in-house detective. “Larson’s retro mystery weaves car chases, drag races, Cold War espionage, light romance, and brainy deductive reasoning throughout this slick series starter” (Booklist). Get the eBook

Lucy Clark Will Not Apologize by Margot Rabb — Lucy Clark has had it. After being bullied one too many times, Lucy retaliates. But when the fallout is far worse than she meant it to be, she gets sent to Manhattan to serve as a full-time companion to the eccentric Edith Fox — who thinks someone is trying to kill her. “A beguiling, cozy mystery worth sinking into” (Kirkus Reviews).

Also discussed in this episode:

The Secret Key by Lena Jones — Agatha Oddlow has been a detective for as long as she can remember — she’s just been waiting for her first big case. And nothing gets bigger than saving the City of London from some strange goings-on.


New Audiobooks In Sora!

Take a look at the CA Library collection in your Sora account — you’ll find thousands of eBooks and audiobooks across many different genres, including:

…and more! You can also browse the latest audiobooks in Sora, including these new titles:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Chalice of the GodsThe Chalice of the Gods (Percy Jackson & The Olympians, Book 6) by Rick Riordan — The original heroes from The Lightning Thief are reunited for their biggest challenge yet! Percy Jackson’s hope for a normal senior year is shattered as the gods present him with three quests, beginning with the retrieval of Zeus’s goblet, in order to get the necessary three letters of recommendation for college. “An entry that renews and deepens fans’ love for the series” (Kirkus Reviews).

Check & MateCheck & Mate by Ali Hazelwood — When eighteen-year-old Mallory begrudgingly agrees to return to chess in one last charity tournament, her surprise upset against Nolan Sawyer, the reigning world champ and bad boy of the chess world, sets her on an worldwind adventure as she rediscovers her passion for the game. “Readers will devour this swoonworthy romance in one sitting” (Kirkus Reviews).

Didn't See That ComingDidn’t See That Coming by Jesse Q. Sutanto — A hilariously fresh and romantic send-up to You’ve Got Mail about a gamer girl with a secret identity and the online bestie she’s never met IRL until she unwittingly transfers to his school. Kiki Siregar is a fabulous gamer girl with confidence to boot. She can’t help but be totally herself… except when she’s online. Her secret? She plays anonymously as a guy to avoid harassment from other male players. “A great reminder for people to stand up to aggressors and to not diminish their true identity. An adorkably inclusive YA romance that is both fiery and earnest” (Booklist).

The Everlasting RoadThe Everlasting Road by Wab Kinew — The sequel to Walking in Two Worlds (2021). Losing herself in the Floraverse after the death of her brother, young Indigenous girl Bugz finds the boundaries between the virtual and real worlds blurring when she creates a Waawaate bot in honor of her brother that grows in powers beyond her control. “Plenty of thrills alongside thoughtful, poignant explorations of love and loss” (Kirkus Reviews).

A Guide to the DarkA Guide To The Dark by Meriam Metoui — Stranded at the Wildwood Motel while on their spring break road trip, Mira and Layla discover eight people died in their room and set out to find the connection between the deaths and the unexplainable things that keep happening inside Room 9. “A delightfully haunting and insightful debut for horror and thriller fans” (Booklist).

House of Ash and BoneHouse of Ash and Bone by Joel A. Sutherland — Seventeen-year-old Josephine Jagger is a talented writer with special abilities she doesn’t fully understand. Over the years she has developed methods to cope with the voices she hears in her head, but the old house her family has inherited in Vermont makes Josephine question what’s real and what’s not more than anything she’s ever encountered before. “This moody, atmospheric novel ramps up to a spine-tingling surprise twist” (Kirkus Reviews).

Murtagh: The World of EragonMurtagh: The World of Eragon (The Inheritance Cycle, Book 5) by Christopher Paolini — Master storyteller and bestselling author Christopher Paolini returns to the World of Eragon in this stunning epic fantasy set a year after the events of the Inheritance Cycle. Join Dragon Rider — and fan favorite — Murtagh and his dragon as they confront a perilous new enemy! “Two decades after the debut of Eragon, Paolini shows that there are still fresh tales to be told in this world” (Booklist).

Reign: American Royals IVReign (American Royals series, Book 4) by Katharine McGee — A queen’s life hangs in the balance, and her siblings’ decisions — about what to do, and most of all, who to love — could change the course of history. Romance. Duty. Power… only one can triumph in this stunning conclusion to the American Royals series. “I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series and not-so-secretly hope [McGee] will change her mind and keep it going” (Amazon reviewer Jennifer V.).

The Ruined: The Beautiful Quartet, Book 4The Ruined (The Beautiful series, Book 4) by Renee Ahdieh — The conclusion to The Beautiful quartet! In the aftermath of a deadly skirmish on the border of the Winter and Summer Courts, Bastien now finds himself entrenched among the Winter Court survivors hidden deep within the mountain. From this ancient seat of the Sylvan Wyld, he begins to truly understand the destruction wrought by the summer fey on his brethren. “A big, bold, high-cost end to a lush quartet” (Kirkus Reviews).

Someone Is Always WatchingSomeone Is Always Watching by Kelley Armstrong — When their friend Gabrielle is found covered in blood in front of their dead principal, with no recollection of what happened, Blythe, Tucker, and Tanya soon discover their lives are a lie as the walls built around their real memories come crashing down. “Fans of mind-bending psychological thrillers will find a lot to love in this labyrinthine read” (Publishers Weekly).

5-Star Book Reviews: Mysteries

We continue our series of posts featuring some of the best books in the CA Library collection — today’s featured titles are all Mysteries! Follow the links for each book to learn more from the CA Library catalog — or follow the links to eBook and/or audiobook copies available in the Sora digital reading app.

Bianca Torre is afraid of everything Bianca Torre Is Afraid Of Everything by Justine Pucella Winans — In this sardonic and campy YA thriller, an anxious, introverted nonbinary teen birder somehow finds themself investigating a murder with their neighbor/fellow anime lover, all while falling for a cute girl from their birding group…and trying not to get killed next. “Smart, witty, and daring, this debut is a fast-paced whodunit-conspiracy story with a strong subplot following Bianca’s journey to better understand where they fit on the gender spectrum.” (Booklist).

I am not alone I Am Not Alone by Francisco X. Stork — A page-turning thriller and a sensitive story about mental health, love, and community that will appeal to anyone who has struggled with their place in the world, from award-winning author Francisco X. Stork. Alberto is an undocumented immigrant from Mexico, living in New York City, and suspected of a terrible crime; his friend Grace is a top student with every advantage, and she is determined to prove Alberto’s innocence. “An illuminatingly powerful story about mental illness, young love, faith, and hope” (Kirkus Reviews). Get the eBook

Nine liars Nine Liars by Maureen Johnson — Stevie Bell solved the case of Truly Devious, and now she’s taking her detecting skills abroad when she becomes embroiled in a mystery from 1990s England. In 1995, nine friends from Cambridge University went to a country house and played a game of hide-and-seek. Two were found murdered in the woodshed the next day. The case was assumed to be a burglary gone wrong, but one of the remaining seven saw something she can’t explain. “Johnson delivers another satisfying mystery, with diverse characters, authentic depictions of mental health, and friends holding one another accountable for their actions in loving, supportive ways” (School Library Journal Xpress). Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook

Promise boys Promise Boys by Nick Brooks — J.B., Ramon, and Trey, students of the Urban Promise Prep School, must follow the school’s strict rules, but when their principal is murdered, the three boys must band together to track down the real killer before they are arrested. A page-turning thriller perfect for fans of Karen McManus, Jason Reynolds, Angie Thomas, and Holly Jackson. “A top-notch page-turner and deep character study; the three protagonists and slow convergence of their investigations will grip readers, who won’t want to stop reading until the culprit is revealed” (Booklist).

Warrior girl unearthed Warrior Girl Unearthed by Angeline Boulley — Bestselling author of Firekeeper’s Daughter Angeline Boulley takes us back to Sugar Island in this high-stakes thriller about the power of discovering your stolen history. With the rising number of missing Indigenous women, her family’s involvement in a murder investigation, and grave robbers profiting off her Anishinaabe tribe, Perry takes matters into her own hands to solve the mystery and reclaim her people’s inheritance. “A page-turning heist grounded in a nuanced exploration of critical issues of cultural integrity” (Kirkus Reviews). Get the eBook | Get the Audiobook