AP World History 10

AP World History students in Mr. Scheetz’s class are embarking on a weeks-long exploration of an individual world country. Here’s a recap of some of the resources available to use:

The CA Library collection. What’s the best way to become an expert on a topic? Find someone who’s already an expert — so much so they’ve published a book — and learn from them. Use the resources around you!

The Gale Discovering Collection, available through the database page. A quarter million reference articles, including the Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations (for learning about the country) and the Worldmark Encyclopedia of Cultures and Daily Life (for learning about the people). Quality reference access, 24/7.

Unless you’ve been living under one of the north stairwells, you should know that the ABC-CLIO databases are some of the best sources you can use for any social studies class. Reference articles, in-depth analyses of topics and issues, excellent questions for discussion — you can’t miss!

CountryWatch includes concise overviews of the history, economics and social conditions for all world countries, plus current news stories and a downloadable PDF that’s practically a book in itself. Great stuff.

Google Docs — and as if all that weren’t enough, you have access to Google Docs to create, store and share information for your research. See Mr. Bateman in the library if you would like help getting Google Docs to work for you.

Good luck! I look forward to seeing your presentations!

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