CA Reading Society Podcast – Romance Edition

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This month, the CA Reading Society podcast explores the topic of romance in fiction. What makes a good romance — or a complicated one? Listen to the discussion here!



heartsDirect download — Podcast 03 – February 2014 – Final

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3 thoughts on “CA Reading Society Podcast – Romance Edition

  1. I think the best romances are the ones where the author takes the time to fully develop the characters so that you feel like you know them, that they are almost like friends. Once they’ve done this, then you care about what happens to the characters and you care to follow them through the roller coaster feelings of developing romance!

  2. Hi Amy! I completely agree with you. I never like romance novels where the characters fall in love at first sight. I like it more when the characters develop a close friendship before they realize they are in love. It makes the novel seem closer to reality and easier to connect to, because it is very rare for people to fall in love at first sight. Thanks for listening to our Podcasts, and please feel free to comment on any of the others or let us know if there is a book you want us to read and talk about!

  3. I don’t know guys, I think that sometimes the friends then married forever can get a little boring. What about going from an extreme dislike to truly getting to know each other and care about each other? That is my favorite to read. But Amy you are totally right when you say that the author needs to fully develop the character first before starting on the love story, so it seems that you do care for them both. In a hate to love story, I like it because there is no “right” or “wrong side” in the arguments and fights the characters have, it is just that they are still learning about each other. Nice podcast guys, I really enjoyed it

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