Locked In The Library: A Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Want to go on an adventure? Check out this online escape room — Locked In The Library: A Virtual Scavenger Hunt:

It was a dark and stormy afternoon. The sound of rain falling on the roof and the soft grey light outside the school windows certainly don’t lend themselves to studying, like you stayed after school in the library to do. Instead, they make you quite sleepy…

Suddenly, you startle awake. Whoa…you must have dozed off. The grey afternoon light has given way to the darkness of night. There aren’t any lights on anywhere. Did you really fall asleep in the library? Yes, you did…

In the gloom, you reach for your phone, hoping to at least push the darkness back with its electronic glow. Ugh…it’s dead. When last you checked – hours ago – it was at 4%, and without a charging cord, it is now just an expensive paperweight.

To continue the story, visit Locked In The Library: A Virtual Scavenger Hunt!

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