Spooky Podcast Episodes For Halloween! 👻

A few weeks ago, I featured some of the my favorite podcasts that focus on the spooky and the supernatural (see “Podcasts For Halloween“). This week I wanted to feature specific episodes that cover several creepy phenomena, from haunted houses to various things that go bump in the night…

Stuff You Missed In History Class: “The Rise of Haunted House Attractions” — Interest in being scared on purpose — for fun — led to the development of haunts as entertainment over the last several hundred years. But the 20th century saw explosive growth in haunted house culture, and a tragedy in the 1980s led to new safety regulations for haunted attractions.

Stuff You Missed In History Class: “The Borley Rectory” — From haunted houses for entertainment to supposedly a real-life haunting; legends surround the history of the Borley Rectory, which is known as the most haunted house in England.

The Haunted: “Haunted Rochester” — Tour of some of the most haunted places in Rochester, NY. There are so many haunted places in Rochester, we couldn’t cover them all in one episode, but we have 5 historic and haunted places, plus a bonus locale!

History Goes Bump: “Legends Of Werewolves” — Werewolf lore has been a part of human history for centuries and some of the best horror movies feature werewolves. The hysteria that surrounded the witch hunts and trials in Europe and America is well known, but not many people realize that there was a similar hysteria when it came to reports of werewolves.

Lore: “In The Woods” — Stepping into the woods is like stepping through a doorway to another world. A world that hides dark secrets from prying eyes, and holds unknown dangers for unprepared travelers. But some woods are more sinister than others, and Massachusetts just might play host to the worst of them all.

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