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American Wings: Chicago's Pioneering Black Aviators and the Race for Equality in the SkyAmerican Wings: Chicago’s Pioneering Black Aviators and the Race For Equality in the Sky by Sherri L. Smith –A nonfiction account of a group of determined Black Americans who created a flying club and built their own airfield on Chicago’s South Side in the period between World Wars I and II.

“An enlightening account of notable Black American aviators and the issues that they confronted during their careers” (Booklist).

Ariel Crashes a TrainAriel Crashes A Train by Olivia A. Cole — Ariel grapples with her fear of her own mind and violent fantasies, driven by her desire to meet her parents’ expectations and societal norms, until a summer job at a carnival leads her to new friends who help her discover her struggle with OCD and find acceptance and support for her true self.

“A revelatory, razor-sharp, and powerfully honest depiction of the reality of living with OCD” (Kirkus Reviews).

Bad Like UsBad Like Us by Gabriella Lepore –While at a private beach lodge with her popular classmates, an anonymous letter leads to murder. Eva places her trust in Colton and together they uncover secrets that upend everything they thought they knew about their fellow spring breakers.

“Lepore effectively layers several mysteries on top of one another in this keen, intriguing read for Karen McManus fans” (Booklist).

Black Girl You Are AtlasBlack Girl You Are Atlas by Renee Watson — Using a variety of poetic forms, from haiku to free verse, Watson shares recollections of her childhood in Portland, tender odes to the Black women in her life, and urgent calls for Black girls to step into their power.

“A compelling ode to self-resurrection and Black sisterhood that finds much-needed light in the world’s darkness” (Kirkus Reviews).

Borrow My HeartBorrow My Heart by Kasie West — When Wren overhears a guy getting verbally destroyed by his friends for being catfished, she jumps in to save the day — and pretends to be his online crush.

“A solid teen romance with strong characterization and nuanced relationships” (Kirkus Reviews).

Compass and BladeCompass and Blade by Rachel Greenlaw — On the remote isle of Rosevear, Mira is a wrecker, one of the seven on the rope who swim out to shipwrecks to plunder them. Mira’s job is to rescue survivors, if there are any. But the people of Rosevear never admit the truth: that they set the beacons themselves to lure ships into the rocks.

“A swashbuckler that metes out romance and vengeance in equal measure and with equal weight, this series starter is poised to make a significant splash” (Booklist).

Cursed Cruise: A Horror Hotel NovelCursed Cruise by Victoria Fulton — From the authors of Horror Hotel comes another addictive YA horror about a group of teen ghost hunters who are invited to travel onboard a haunted historic cruise ship.

“A fast-paced and fun paranormal page-turner” (Kirkus Reviews).

The Diablo's CurseThe Diablo’s Curse by Gabe Cole Novoa — From the bestselling author of The Wicked Bargain comes a high-stakes race to defeat a curse designed to kill — about a teen demon who wants to be human, a boy cursed to die young, and the murderous island destined to bury them both.

“An energetic, dynamic, and satisfying adventure” (School Library Journal).

Just Another Epic Love Poem by Parisa Akhbari — Two best friends, bonded by their shared love of poetry, uncover all the different meanings if “I love you” once they begin dating their senior year of high school.

“This is laugh-out-loud funny, poignant, realistic, and heartbreaking in the best way, and perfect for readers with literary aspirations who want to read about big feelings” (Booklist).

Louder than HungerLouder Than Hunger by John Schu — A fictionalized account of the author’s experiences and emotions living in residential treatment facilities as a young teen with an eating disorder.

“A sensitive, true-to-life narrative that is respectfully and indelibly portrayed” (Kirkus Reviews).

PromchantedPromchanted by Morgan Matson — When Stella and Reece find themselves in the middle of the world of “Sleeping Beauty” on a pre-prom visit to Disneyland, they will have to put aside their differences, make sure Aurora and Phillip fall in love, and make sure the story gets back on track — or they might never get home.

“This heartwarming rom-com sparkles with sweet, innocent moments and lessons about relationships” (Booklist).

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