Trapped by Michael Northrop

I think it’s curious that Trapped, a new book by Michael Northrop, was released the same day as a major winter storm that swept across the Midwest and Northeast. Although the Finger Lakes wasn’t affected as much as other parts of the country, the threat of heavy snowfall and high winds was enough to call a snow day for Canandaigua City Schools.

In Trapped, 7 high school students find themselves stranded in an empty high school during what becomes one of the worst blizzards in history. Out of cell phone range, without electricity, heat or food, what starts as a twist on The Breakfast Club scenario turns into harrowing account of survival. As the snow piles up, the captives are forced to make a devastating decision — made all the more ominous as we learn early on that not everyone makes it out.

This story sounds intriguing enough to warrant an immediate purchase for the CA Library collection — look for it soon in the New Books section!

Click here to read an excerpt from! You can also read this except at Google Books.

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