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Welcome to the Friday the 13th edition of Podcast Friday!, a weekly compilation of some of the more interesting podcasts from around the web, listed right here for your listening pleasure!

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All Songs Considered from NPR

globalFEST 2012 (January 10, 2012) — Twelve bands, 17 different countries, three stages, one frenzied night: That’s the promise of globalFEST, a yearly showcase for international musicians who come from around the world to New York’s Webster Hall. In this week’s edition of All Songs Considered, revisit some of the highlights and favorite discoveries from this year’s globalFEST.

Book Reviews from The New York Times

Book Review Podcast (January 13, 2012) — This week, Patricia Cohen discusses her new book about the science of middle age; Alexander Star talks about Friedrich Nietzsche’s impact on American readers; Julie Bosman with notes from the field; and Gregory Cowles has best-seller news. Sam Tanenhaus is the host.

Books Podcast from NPR

Hell-Raising Heroines, Diaries Of New Yorkers, more (January 09, 2012) — Stories in this episode: 1) Imprisoned In A Mysterious Mistaken Identity 2) Growing Up Muslim And Midwestern In ‘Dervish’ 3)  Hell-Raising Heroines: Three Ladies With Spitfire 4) Diaries’ Reveals New York Through The Ages 5) Left-Handedness: No Longer Suspect; Still A Mystery 6) What’s In Store: 3 Tales Of A Terrifying Future.

Brain Stuff from HowStuffWorks.com

Why shouldn’t you go swimming right after a meal? (January 11, 2012) — As children, many of us have been admonished not to go swimming for at least an hour after eating. But, as it turns out, there’s biology behind this commonplace advice. Tune in to this episode to find out why you shouldn’t swim right after you eat.

How can I recover a deleted file from my computer? (January 09, 2012) — In many cases, it’s possible to recover files that have been deleted by using your computer’s Recycle Bin. Marshall Brain reveals ways to recover deleted files — and how to erase them permanently — in this episode.

How can we eliminate fossil fuels? (January 06, 2012) — It’s no secret that fossil fuels have a detrimental effect on the environment, but do feasible alternatives exist? In this episode, Marshall takes a look at the possibilities of DIY biofuel.

Culturetopia from NPR

Culturetopia: Music and Politics Edition (January 12, 2012) — This week on Culturetopia: World music superstar Youssou N’Dour’s presidential run in Senegal; a tour of India sponsored by the U.S. State Department for Indian-American comedians; pop goddess Kelly Clarkson on her spike in record sales after endorsing GOP candidate Ron Paul: a Moroccan rapper is imprisoned for his political views; a Canadian rock band auctions off their suddenly desirably URL—TeaParty.com.

Pop Culture Happy Hour: Resolutions For An Overloaded 2012 (January 06, 2012) — This week on Pop Culture Happy Hour, NPR Monkey See’s Linda Holmes gathers with Stephen Thompson, Glen Weldon and Trey Graham for the first show of 2012. First a run down New Year’s resolutions past and present. Then a discussion about the phenomenon of “pop culture overload,” and, as always, What’s Making Us Happy.


Speaking Ancient Maya (January 10, 2012) — Anthropologist Barbara Macleod says that studying the ancient Maya language offers a unique window into the past. For more on translating ancient Maya, visit us online at pbs.org/nova/mayacode

PopStuff from HowStuffWorks.com

Breaking Superstition (January 11, 2012) — Why do rational people believe in things like lucky numbers and good luck charms? Knocking on wood can’t possibly keep bad things from happening, can it? Holly’s openly superstitious. Tracy is less so. But nobody in the podcast wants to hex anything.

What’s in a baby name? (January 09, 2012) — What’s in a name? Everything, apparently. Everyone has an opinion about baby names, even if they’re not parents. Tracy and Holly also have opinions, and they’re wondering why we all get so wrapped up in what other people decide to call their offspring.

Science Talk from Scientific American

Man from Mars: Health and Nutrition Research at Mars, Inc., and Beyond (January 05, 2012) — Hagen Schroeter, the director of fundamental health and nutrition research at Mars, Inc., talks about research on bio-active food compounds and the search for why a healthful diet is good for you.

Stuff To Blow Your Mind from HowStuffWorks.com

Would You Rather: Bug Diet vs. Bacteria Diet (January 12, 2012) — So which would you choose: an exclusive diet of bugs for the rest of your life, or an endless string of fermented feasts? In this “Would You Rather?” episode, Julie and Robert present the facts and let you decide which diet you’d choose.

Black Blizzards of the Dust Bowl (January 10, 2012) — Just what was the Dust Bowl? In this episode, Robert and Julie travel back to the ruined farms and black blizzards of the Great Depression. How did we plant trees to combat ecological damage, and how do we hope to defeat the Gobi Desert today?

Stuff You Missed in History Class from HowStuffWorks.com

W.C. Minor: Madness, Murder and a Dictionary (Part 2) (January 11, 2012) — When we last left the story of W.C. Minor, he’d fatally shot a man in London. In the conclusion of this episode, Sarah and Deblina look at the  events that led Minor to become one of the Oxford English Dictionary’s most prolific contributors.

Public Enemies: 5 Gangsters to Know (January 09, 2012) — For every Al Capone, there was a cast of lesser-known men who were often just as dangerous. In this episode, Sarah and Deblina explore the lives of gangsters such as “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn and Roger “The Terrible” Touhy. Tune in to learn more.

Stuff You Should Know from HowStuffWorks.com

What’s the deal with the Bermuda Triangle? (January 12, 2012) — There’s roughly 500,000 squares miles encompassed in a triangle with points in Miami,  Bermuda and San Juan. There shouldn’t be anything different about this area, but some people believe it’s a hotbed of supernatural activity. Tune in to learn why.

Can you vacation in Antarctica? (January 10, 2012) — The answer is yes, but there’s a lot more to traveling to the southernmost continent. Learn why emperor penguins don’t make eye contact with humans, which country has the best research station and why the chances of your ship sinking are alarmingly high.

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