Spotify Adds A Play Button!

Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes with me knows I really like music. That’s why I was pretty stoked when Spotify became available in the U.S. last summer — I’ve been using it ever since.

For the uninitiated, Spotify is a free (and legal) way to stream music to your computer (for a premium fee — which is totally worth it, BTW — you can ditch the ads, get higher quality and stream to your mobile device). It’s like having a friend with the world’s largest music collection — over 15 million tracks available at your fingertips (and did I mention it’s legal? It is!)

Another thing I love is tricking out this blog with interesting apps, buttons and doo-dads (did you feed the hamster?) So here’s a first look at the Spotify Play Button, a new app that integrates with blogs, websites and social pages to bring the magic of Spotify to your fans.

You need to start with the Spotify client on your local computer — if you haven’t already, visit Spotify, sign-up for an account, and install the software. Once you create a playlist, you can right-click on the playlist and select “Copy Spotify URI”. Then paste it into the Play Button Utility on the Spotify website.

This creates a bit of code that you can then copy and paste into your blog, website or social page to bring your Spotify playlist to the masses. Here’s what it looks like:

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