Suggested Summer Reading — Grades 9-12

Oceans of PossibilitiesThe 2022 NYS Summer Reading theme is Oceans of Possibilities! Canandaigua peeps, check out this post to see how you can get involved, log your reading times, and get cool swag from Wood Library downtown:

Summer Reading At Wood Library

Here are some books to consider when looking for something to read this summer, organized into several popular genres!

“But wait, Mr. Bateman,” I can hear you ask. “CA Library is closed during the summer! How am I going to get my hands on these great books?”

That’s the best part; they’re all available as eBooks in the Sora Digital Reading App! Most are also available as an audiobook, too, so you can read (or listen) the way you want! Just follow the links to learn more about each title in Sora.

The Sora website is available on your Chromebook, laptop and/or desktop computer. You can also add the Sora app to your mobile device from either the Apple iOS store or Google Play store.


Graphic Novels

Historical Fiction

Humor (Comedy)


Nonfiction – Biography and Autobiography

Nonfiction – General

Novels In Verse

Realistic Fiction


Science Fiction


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