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You may be familiar with OWWL2Go, the digital media service that provides ebooks and audiobooks to members of the Pioneer Library System (Ontario, Wayne, Wyoming and Livingston Counties).

Or maybe you belong to the Monroe County Library System and use its LibraryWeb service to download digital media (both are powered by OverDrive, by the way).

But did you know that if you live, work or pay property taxes in New York State, you are eligible to receive a library card from the New York City Public Library? It’s true! And with that card, you will have access to the digital content that is available from NYPL, including ebooks, audiobooks, music and video. Currently, the NYPL digital collection includes:

  • 42,100 ebooks
  • 9,100 MP3 audiobooks
  • 14,400 WMA audiobooks
  • 1,500 music recordings

It’s amazing! All for just living in the great state of New York!

“Any person who lives, works, attends school or pays property taxes in New York State is eligible to receive a New York Public Library card free of charge.” (http://www.nypl.org/help/library-card)

So how do you get your card? It’s incredibly easy!

  • First, visit http://www.nypl.org/help/library-card
  • Under ‘Apply For A Library Card’, click Apply Online
  • Read the section ‘I Want To Receive My Card By Mail’, then click Apply
  • Fill out the form and read the section ‘What Happens Next’
  • This part says “stop by a New York Public Library location with your picture ID and proof of address to activate your library card.” But you don’t have to!
  • Once you get your card in the mail, you can activate your card by e-mailing a scan of your photo ID to patronaccounts@nypl.org. Read more about that part here.

That’s all there is to it! Stop by and see Eric Bateman at CA Library if you would like more information on this incredible opportunity for all New Yorkers!

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